Лето - это маленькая жизнь!!!

well, finally a year has almost passed and Cp 2012 people are ready to begin their journey. That means only one thing, our trip has finished, when they return new stories will be told, we will hear about new parties, new people will apear. So this is the goodbye! life continues with or without us everywhere! THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE, THE RISKS WE TOOK, THE SHOTS WE DRANK, THE KISSES WE GAVE, THE POETRY WE WROTE, THE LAKE, THE RULES WE BROKE, THE THUNDERSTORMS, THE POLICE, EVERY FUCKING THING, EVERY FUCKING SECOND! THANKS AND GOOD LUCK IN YOUR LIFES! (с)

@музыка: Wake me up when september ends......

@настроение: Тихая мирная грусть...

@темы: Лето 2011


Хорошая девочка...